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Things that have happened in my life recently:

1. I ovulated! Go me!

2. Matt and I saw Carmen, the opera, on Sunday. I've now seen two operas so I feel qualified to say that they're very silly. Doubtless there are many witty articles and books and pamphlets detailing all the various silly aspects of opera and why they're so essential to the art form. And doubtless I'm not the first person to come away thinking that it could've been so much better if even one tiny portion of the story had been plausible. Still. The singing was good, everyone laughed when the minimalist mountain scenery fell over, the scene change people were bizarrely obtrusive, and I spent 15 minutes of the first act very scared that one of Carmen's nipples was going to pop out of her bodice. All in all, a good night.

3. I harvested the onions yesterday. We now have two small sacks full -- roughly 250 onions. I reckon that'll last us 5 months, which isn't bad for an initial investment of £3.

4. Stomach bug on Friday night, similar to but not as disastrous and frightening as last year's Winter Vomiting Virus. I never used to get bugs like this so I assume my immune system is weakened. Certainly I spent the whole of Saturday craving citrus fruit.

5. Although the beans and pumpkins and courgettes and cucumbers and peas and asparagus all failed mightily this year (due to laziness on our part) we have managed to grow 4 delicious, sweet, plump, juicy bunches of black grapes. Home-grown grapes! I cannot get over this.

6. Matt's secret new project is ace!

7. Am now at HATE HATE HATE stage in the great re-write of 2007. This is not dissimilar to the HATE HATE HATE stage that comes with properly learning to play any interesting and challenging piece of music. This does not make it easier.
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My mezzo soprano friend has a small part in La Traviata, currently running at the Erin Arts Centre. We went to see it on Sunday. Lots of tell, not much show -- but I suppose that's what happens when your characters have to sing all the time. Violetta sings: My illness changed me. Alfredo sings: I'm so unhappy. Or whatever. Also, terrible plot. Tart with a heart dies of tuberculosis. And everyone likes champagne.

It was nice and loud, though. :D

And we finally have our wedding photographs. Not many of our parents, sadly -- except my dad, who seems to pop up lots of times. Click here if you want to see the full grisly slideshow.

Or click here if you just want to see a photo of me and Matt stepping lightly into our marriage. )

I dealt with one plot point on Monday, by the way ("Pig dies", since you're asking). I tried to get through the second one yesterday afternoon but my brain refused to co-operate. At first I thought I'd lost the knack of writing, just like that, or that I'd lost the impetus to complete this story. Luckily it turned out to be the beginnings of a migraine. Phew! And hurrah for Nurofen.

ETA: and I've just noticed that someone has defriended me since my last post. Maybe my mum was right when she told me it was rude to count your money in public. :D


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