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Well, the run of good days had to end eventually. Yesterday was pretty good -- fun lessons in the morning, picnic at the allotment for dinner (I got to spend some time with just River, which was lovely -- watching her explain to our allotment neighbour how blackcurrants grow, searching for ripe berries together, all just wonderful), fun lessons in the evening, and a tasty tea of ratatouille (with our first courgettes from the allotment), cucumber salad, cous cous and chicken drumsticks. Everyone was happy all day long.

Until just after bathtime when Willow, demonstrating that uncanny knack for speed and danger that all newly mobile babies possess, rolled right off our bed onto the hard wooden floor. River came running downstairs, shouting about it in her excitement; Matt was beside himself with guilt; and poor Willow was sobbing and sobbing. I think she became afraid of the bed after that. Certainly, when it came time to put her in bed at the end of the day she freaked out quite badly. And she wouldn't stay asleep during the night unless I was holding her, which meant I was awake for 6 hours straight.

And all that wakefulness and stress meant that today I had yet another bout of mild recurrent mastitis. I say "mild" but it does feel an awful lot like flu. At least I know it doesn't normally last longer than a day. I spent most of today in bed, feeling sorry for myself. Matt had a whole day with the girls, which left him a little crazy. River missed her nap so teatime was full of tears. I had to postpone my evening lessons, which means I'll have to schedule lessons during the holidays. Oh well.

River is having an early night. Willow is exploring all her noisy toys on the living-room floor. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. I had plans to make sorbet today! And smoked salmon fishcakes! I'm already feeling better, anyway, and it's not the end of the day yet, so I now I'll be okay tomorrow. If Willow lets me sleep...
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Things that have happened in my life recently:

1. I ovulated! Go me!

2. Matt and I saw Carmen, the opera, on Sunday. I've now seen two operas so I feel qualified to say that they're very silly. Doubtless there are many witty articles and books and pamphlets detailing all the various silly aspects of opera and why they're so essential to the art form. And doubtless I'm not the first person to come away thinking that it could've been so much better if even one tiny portion of the story had been plausible. Still. The singing was good, everyone laughed when the minimalist mountain scenery fell over, the scene change people were bizarrely obtrusive, and I spent 15 minutes of the first act very scared that one of Carmen's nipples was going to pop out of her bodice. All in all, a good night.

3. I harvested the onions yesterday. We now have two small sacks full -- roughly 250 onions. I reckon that'll last us 5 months, which isn't bad for an initial investment of £3.

4. Stomach bug on Friday night, similar to but not as disastrous and frightening as last year's Winter Vomiting Virus. I never used to get bugs like this so I assume my immune system is weakened. Certainly I spent the whole of Saturday craving citrus fruit.

5. Although the beans and pumpkins and courgettes and cucumbers and peas and asparagus all failed mightily this year (due to laziness on our part) we have managed to grow 4 delicious, sweet, plump, juicy bunches of black grapes. Home-grown grapes! I cannot get over this.

6. Matt's secret new project is ace!

7. Am now at HATE HATE HATE stage in the great re-write of 2007. This is not dissimilar to the HATE HATE HATE stage that comes with properly learning to play any interesting and challenging piece of music. This does not make it easier.
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I'm always late for everything. Not on purpose, you understand. It just happens. Time is not my friend.

this took a lot longer to type than I thought it would )

It was this kind of thinking that led me to choose last Sunday as my writing deadline. HA! I haven't actually done any writing since Thursday, 7th December. "Why?" I hear you ask, or perhaps that's just the dying, anguished cries of my once-thriving ambition. Well, I'll tell you anyway. I thought 40 days would be plenty of time to write 60,000 words. 1,500 words every day is not impossible. Even if I missed the odd day, I still wouldn't have to write very many more each day to stay on target.

But on Thursday, 7th December, Matt began to vomit (having caught what our local health department calls "The Winter Vomiting Virus", which is a violent and highly contagious form of gastroenteritis). Neither of us slept much that night. I spent that Friday tending to him, sorting the house out, and teaching. I spent the Friday night in bed having weird hallucinations that I'd lost my body, and hardly slept at all. I spent the Saturday continuing to tend to him, thinking that I could get on with my writing in the evening. I spent the Saturday evening vomiting )

(Luckily I didn't have a migraine on Sunday, so I was able to be properly nervous for my pupils' concert. It went very well. We nearly filled the church, which means there were twice as many people in the audience as last time. And we raised twice as much money (voluntary contributions on a plate by the refreshments). And everyone played very well. I mean, we all made mistakes, but no-one stopped or cried or let on to the audience that things weren't going well. Complete strangers came up to me at the end to shake my hand and tell me how much they'd enjoyed it. My mother made her wonderful mince-pies, which everyone enjoyed.)

On Monday we tidied the house in readiness for putting the tree up (and it's now up and it's more beautiful than last year's effort by a factor of 8 baubles and a star).

Yesterday I visited my grandmother and taught and cooked and ate and wallowed in Robin Hobbly goodness. Matt spent the entire day in Douglas, and came home on the last bus with an ankle the size of a grapefruit -- having fallen down awkwardly while running for the bus. I took him to hospital, where the lovely A&E chap gave him an x-ray and confirmed that nothing was broken, which was a relief. But he does have a horrible sprain and has to use crutches for the next few days. He barely slept last night because of the pain. There are a stack of chores around the house that we were going to do together before Christmas. Matt cannot now do anything, so my day has been spent cleaning and shopping and cooking and washing and teaching.

I have given up all thoughts of doing any more writing before 2007. There'll be too much happening next week -- Christmas, family birthdays, spending time with Matt, spending time with my sister. Oh well. I got 38,000 words written, and I know what I have to do. At least I have something definite to do once 2007 gets going, and 8 days of holiday between New Year and the start of term. If I wrote 3,000 words every day for 8 days...


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