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We managed to do lots of things in the past two weeks:

Cut for length, and there are a few photos in there too. )

It's been a great summer so far.
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Oh free time, how I love you!

I only have a handful of pupils continuing piano lessons through the summer so as a family we can look forward to lots of joyfully unstructured days. I feel like a cow that's finally back in the pasture after a long dark winter stuck in the barn.

So this week has been amazing, as far as I'm concerned.

I've made chocolate tiffin, sunflower seed pesto, moussaka, raspberry trifle, cream crackers. I've re-organised and de-cluttered and thoroughly cleaned the kitchen. Except for the oven. The weather's too hot for that level of exertion.

River and I dusted the living-room furniture and cleaned the stairs; Matt hoovered the carpet; we all re-organised the big bookshelf; I cleared the piles of rubbish that always accumulate on top of the piano.

Matt finished putting down the floorboards in the attic. We ordered the parts for the attic handrail, and the wood cladding for the ceiling.

We harvested raspberries, chard, courgettes and lettuce from the allotment. And, even better, ate them all!

We all went to Silverdale on Tuesday and had a great time on the water-powered roundabout.

Willow learnt to crawl!

I taught Matt and River how to play Disney's Winnie the Pooh theme on the piano.

We all walked down to the river and spent an hour playing in the glorious cool shade.

The girls and I spent a morning and lunch with good friends.

Last night, incredibly, I did not have insomnia and Willow only woke up twice!

The weather has been amazing -- so hot, so sunny, so holiday-ish.

And Matt and I have even managed to have actual grown-up conversations!
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Another good day! We're doing well at the moment.

Cut for length. )
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...but perhaps if I start from today I can get back into more regular posting here. My memory is so bad these days that I can't recall events of the previous week. Not good! I want to remember this part of my life!

Right. So today, while I was teaching, Matt took the girls to Glen Auldyn and Mooragh Park. I stopped by our allotment* on the way home to pick soft fruit* and water everything. We all arrived back at home at the same time and had sandwiches and raspberry muffins* for dinner.

While River napped, I sorted the fruit (1 lb of raspberries in the freezer, 8 oz of strawberries macerated with sugar for tea, currants all de-stemmed), made sag aloo and washed up. Willow* sat in her high chair and kept me company, babbling happily about her red cup and occasionally signing for more fruit to eat.

Matt brought River into the kitchen once she'd woken up*, and took Willow away for a nappy change. We chatted about pirate ships and how a child could be useful onboard, then she wandered off to "fix the hole in the galley."

I made currant scones and, while they were baking, River and I watered the herb pots on the kitchen roof. She had to wear wellies and "special watering leggings with flowers on them" to do this, despite the roasting hot sunshine.

Matt put the rubbish out and chatted with the neighbour while I hung out the laundry, then we all had scones and jam in the kitchen. Then I went out teaching again, while Matt and the girls had sag aloo with naan bread, and strawberries with whipped cream. There was a mix-up with my pupils so I got to practise the piano in peace for 20 minutes -- a wonderful chance! Played a lot of Gershwin.

Sneaked back into house at 8pm, had my tea and washed up, while Matt was upstairs doing the girls' bath. (We have learnt that if Willow sees me at bath time she will cry until I breastfeed her so I always try to have a stealthy tea before showing her I'm home.) River dressed up as a butterfly (socks and ballet shoes, starry blanket tied around shoulders, green ribbon in her wet hair) and carried a book with her wings -- "butterflies can do the same things as real people!" I read one page of her Detective's Handbook then sent her upstairs with Matt while I breastfed Willow to sleep.

Not an exciting day, but a golden one nevertheless: no-one cried or sighed or got stressed or grumpy, and the sun shone on all of us.

* normally I'd be thinking "I should write an lj entry about this" and then not do it and then feel guilty and burdened and then feel unable to write anything at all because of the huge and growing backlog of unwritten entries. How silly.
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2011 wasn't the easiest year for me and Matt. Because of the house renovations taking up all his time we ended up taking turns to look after River instead of being a team. So we were both acting like single parents. A typical week during term time went like this (recorded here because I know I'll forget how awful it was): This was longer than I expected. You really don't need to read it. )

Anyway. It could've been a better year. But it was ace a lot of the time too. Watching River grow and develop and blossom into a funny, confident, happy little girl has been wonderful. Watching the house become a home, when it started the year as a building site, has been very exciting. I'll post photos once we've moved in, I think. It's so nearly finished now that it'd be a shame to spoil the Big Reveal.

I did a lot of knitting in the run-up to Xmas. We were simply too poor to buy many gifts so I delved into the wool stash and spent time instead of money. Will post photos of finished items once I've managed to photograph them. Didn't have time before Xmas, alas.

It's been an interesting and eventful year. Lots of good and bad family developments, some of which I've mentioned here.

I have no idea what's going to happen in 2012, and that's exactly what I wanted. A little bit of unpredictability!

I hope you all get what you want in 2012 too. :-)
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I thought I'd just write a little bit about me, rather than the baby!

Lots of waffling under the cut. )


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